Relief Efforts Chennai Flood

It was heartening to see the response of people to help the affected children living in Saidapet slums. The kids.R.ok team in Chennai (India) did an incredible job of collecting aid from compassionate donors and delivering the materials to children directly.

250 children who lost their belongings in the floods received new clothes, shoes, school bags, notebooks and stationary items from kids.R.ok.

kids.R.ok team were swiftly led by our Indian Director Sunjeet Sudhir and our visiting American Director Rebecca Solomon. Team members like Mahesh Madhaven, Roy Robinson and Adeline Ashok along with our Saidapet local contact Wilfred helped in organizing the distribution efforts to make sure that the aid was received by those it was intended for.

Special thanks to all donors who gave relief materials and money to aid the needy children. A big applause to kids.R.ok team members who showed that in times of adversity, we can join hands together in unity and make a difference.

Kudos to all!




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