Orissa Childrens Home Visit – Gotta Love Their Smile

I planned another visit to Orissa to see the finished construction project of the children’s home and inaugurate the finished construction of toilets and bathrooms. Change children's home

Not more than ten months ago, when I visited the children in Orissa, the kids were bit apprehensive in their interactions. It might have been the language barrier or just meeting someone for the first time, which to be honest makes us all to be on our guard regardless. So this time around, I wanted the barrier to be broken and make a connection with the kids.


To remove the language barrier, I spoke in Hindi, the national language spoken mainly in northern India. Most of the children could understand the language and were able to directly respond to me. This was the first step in making them comfortable communicating with me.

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Then we played lot of games which involved English word building and vocabulary. I asked the kids to share with me their talents and in respect also demonstrate their abilities to everyone. Some danced, some sang, some showed their acrobatic skills etc.

I then took them outside away from the prying eyes of the elders, so the kids could feel free to express their emotions and actions. We played some team games together and the kids really loved it.


We did take break from our activities to drink some water from the Lifestraw filter which kids.R.ok gave as a gift to the children’s home

The children during my stay became very friendly and we ran around the home making jokes and taking some selfies.



Time does fly by when you are having a good time and soon it was time to say goodbye to the kids. I could see the disappointment in their faces when I told them I am leaving but I reassured them that I and my team members will be back soon.


See you soon dear children

The sun was setting across the horizon and the thought crossed my mind ‘mission accomplished’ 🙂

/Allan Ashok


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