Water Project in Orissa

Water is basic necessity of life and drinking clean water is of paramount essence for any human being around the globe. We at kids.R.ok found the children in the Orissa home had access to low quality drinking water from their well which was mostly dry during summer times.

Statistics from the UNICEF report states that clean drinking water is essential for the good health of the growing children, “Every year, nearly 11 million children die before reaching their fifth birthday, most from preventable causes. That is approximately, 30, 000 children per day. Another 300 million children suffer from illnesses caused by lack of clean water, poor nutrition and inadequate health services and care. ” UNICEF REPORT

water project

Bore well drilling process

Kids.R.ok initiated the water project before we started the construction work. With the monsoon rains and recent cyclone Hud hampering the start of the construction efforts, we finally finished drilling the bore well. The water drilling was done till the depth of 240ft (73.15m). We also installed hand pump and a motor pump along with connecting pipes to give the children access to fresh groundwater 24/7.


Children able to cool off with clean water


Motor pump used for chaneling water through a tube for construction purpose

Today the children’s home gets clean underground water thanks to our donors who helped us raise the necessary funds to finish the water drilling project.


Water project certified by kid.R.ok team

Click here to read kids.R.ok gift to the children for clean drinking water.

/kids.R.ok Team

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