In-house Library

Books are a key source of knowledge impartation. We thought of improving English proficiency for the children as they get to practice very little English outside the school environment. What better way to widen a child’s imagination and vocabulary by making them interested to read books. Kids.R.ok team bought story books and primary level grammar books from Chennai book fair 2015. We also had some books donated from New York, which we duly packed in our gift bags.


kids.R.ok team buys books for the children in Orissa

At Orissa, the children were gifted these books and we educated them why they should read books and how valuable it will be for their knowledge growth in learning English.


The caretaker was ecstatic that the children can now have a library though a small one to begin with and read books at their own leisure.


Allan, Surendra Kumar (the caretaker) and Sunjeet talking with the children on the importance of reading books

P1140837   DSC03220Now it is time to read


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