To children with love

Prior our visit to the children’s home, the donors and supporters of kids.R.ok asked us to carry their love and well wishes to the children in Orissa. To manifest the love that was bestowed upon us to carry, kids.R.ok team decided to personally create a gift that we felt would convey the feeling to give these cute children. We had also bought 70 pencil box sets and english educational books to take along with us.

Fabrica helped us in creating this gift which was a collection of portraits of the individual kids that we took in our 2014 visit.


May all your dreams come to life – love kids.R.ok

Fabrica did a fine job of creating the above gift. We wrapped it up with cloth and cardboard to make it safe to transport in our 1300 km long and hard journey by train and car.

When we arrived to the children’s home, we told them that we have a surprise gift. We called two kids to come forward to and unwrap the gift in front of the children. All the children were looking in anticipation and when they saw the portraits of themselves, they became so elated.


Children unwrapping the gift

The children had never before seen a photo of themselves and they broke in rapturous applause with bright smiles. The chlidren wanted to hang the portrait in the main hall, so they could look at it everyday.


Children elated and rapturous in applause


SK Nayak explaining in Oriya the message written in the portrait.

The caretaker was even more touched, and he couldn’t take his eyes of childrens portrait. He was teary eyed and was lost for a moment in his thoughts. For a man who has spent so many years upbringing the children, he thanked us for the heart touching gift.


Caretaker SK Nayak touched by the thoughtful gift

Your love and generous support has touched these wonderful kids in a significant way. Thank you for giving us the privilege to carry your heartfelt love and bless these children.

/Kids.R.ok team

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