Thanksgiving bake sale

On November 24th, Kids.R.ok held a bake sale in the prestigious Columbia University Medical Center. With Thanksgiving Day approaching in USA, kids.R.ok wanted to capitalize on the occasion with a bake sale to raise funds to help children receive quality education.

Rebecca Solomon together with her work acquaintance Erin baked an array of delicious and eye catching confectionaries. Darcie’s ginger cookies were an instant hit among those who stopped by.


The day started off with a scheduling conflict with another charity bake sale but our relocation actually was a blessing as we got a lot more generous donations there. Many stopped by to taste our cakes and cookies, but they also wanted to get to know who we are and how kids.R.ok is helping the children in India and Rwanda.


Our bake sales table

A huge thank you to Rebecca’s brother Daniel Solomon, who came after his 16 hour work shift (getting just 2 hours of sleep), to help us through the entire day. Thanks to Darcie & Karuppayee for helping us out with the event organization.



Rebecca & Karuppayee – Team kids.R.ok USA

We appreciate to all those who baked for us and to our tireless volunteers to make this event possible. Also, a special thanks to those who took time to stop by our table to have a bite 🙂

We are so glad for all the help and support!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kids.R.ok USA

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