Birthday Party with a Purpose

Growing up in Long Island NY, going to ‘The City’ (that is how we called Manhattan) was always a delight. The tall buildings, lights, the buzzing streets, and the opportunities The City brought. It mesmerized me that once you step out of that subway train station and onto the streets of Manhattan anything seemed possible. One off my biggest dreams was to live and work in The City.  Finally, after years of work, my first day as a Manhattan resident was on my birthday last year.

A year living in NYC has brought many changes, given me a broader perspective of the world and people. Above all it gave me a platform to experience and experiment on things personally and professionally. One of the most profound experience this past year has been working with KidsRok.

Then I thought, just like me there are children around the world who have wishes and dreams. I am thankful that there was a platform for me to realize my dreams and keep moving forward.  If anyway I can aid towards a child’s dream become a reality, I got to do it.

After witnessing the conditions children live in at the home in Orissa, when I saw the video below. This was taken in March during KidsRok team visit. This visit shed light on the struggles these kids face with less than bare minimum, yet go on with their day with a smiling face and a driving heart to accomplish great things.

I decided to pledge my birthday to help to get these kids’ living conditions better. Although I am very shy about announcing and celebrating my birthday, I decided to throw a party and invite my friends to join me in helping these children and I was surprised by the response!

Once I decided, it was time to get the ball rolling. I couldn’t have done it without my organizers, who came forward and took time off their busy schedules to volunteer. Karuppayee  who booked the venue and helped with the planning and my brother Daniel who assisted and was our photographer for the night. I would like to extend a special thank you to both for making this amazing night happen. Also, thanks to my amazing KidsRok team for all the support, timely help and encouragement. You guys are awesome!

On the day, I was anxious wondering who will show up. My friends started showing up one by one. Friends old, new, friends I haven’t seen in a long time they all came. I was so glad. Many attended despite a derailment of a subway train.Better yet, I made new friends that night, as my friends brought along their friends with them!  I was thrilled to catch up with everyone and thankful to have great friends who decided to spend their friday night with me.  Thank you for the super yummy surprise cakes and magic candles that couldn’t be put off, you guys really made me work  hard to make my wish!!! 😀


DSC_6192 cake

Apart from all the fun, I was so grateful and touched by the generosity that you all showed through your contributions and well wishes towards KidsRok. You all made my day very special and beyond that you have helped make a difference in these children’s lives and for that once again I am truly grateful.

DSC_6139 DSC_6182

I would like to thank Stone Creek NYC for hosting us. It is a very nice venue and we had great fun spending time here. We would also like to extend our thanks to them for donating 10% of their sales from the event  towards KidsRok.

At this point I would like to encourage you to pledge a day or create an event, get creative to help those in need. This has been a very gratifying experience for me and I would love for you to take a step to help. Deciding to throw a party despite all that nervousness was totally worth it!

The reward is priceless, that is what I got out of this experience. I cannot even put my feelings into words.

Once again, I would like to thank  everyone who came and made my day and these kids lives the most special. This has been the best and most gratifying birthday ever.



Thank you


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